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While working with my patients I often meet people whose everyday activities require amounts of time, energy and commitment reminding me of my past as a professional athlete and dancer. However, there is one important difference: a professional athlete intensely preparing for competition is permanently taken care of by a coach and therapists. This team is skilled in keeping a stressed organism in balance between exertion and regeneration.

My patients usually didn’t pay attention to that. Managers spend several hours per week on planes and in cars and their diet doesn’t conform to their exertion level. This kind of life has usually been led for years, up to an age where a professional athlete has long ended his career.

Mothers manage their “family business” at home. They drive their kids to all sorts of sports and activities and often don’t find time to eat right, to exercise and to regenerate. How could this “manager” provide energetic leadership to her “business”, motivating her “staff” to aspire in school and sports if the permanent stress has made her feel weak and tired?

That’s the reason why we at Benetics offer physiotherapy AND personal coaching, so you can be coached like a professional athlete preparing for competition: Utilizing the Omegawave technology, we assess your actual condition. According to your individual preferences and needs, we devise your exercise regimen. That way, you can regenerate, maintain or enhance your individual performance.